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Trusted by global companies

Trusted by Global companies

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Analyse the recyclability of your entire packaging portfolio according to national and international industry standards.

EPR Fees & Plastic Taxes

Easily calculate (eco-modulated) EPR Fees and Plastic Taxes for various European countries.

Packaging Data Collection and Management

Manage your entire packaging portfolio in one place.

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Screenshot from Recyda showing map feature

Packaging recyclability analysis

made easy

Navigate a maze of country-specific regulations and guidelines to quickly assess your packaging.

Assess your entire packaging portfolio

Real time, country-specific impact assessment with guided incompatibility resolution assessed against current regulations and guidelines.

Compare packaging options

A comprehensive database of recyclability information so you can compare and find the ideal solution.

Always up to date

The packaging recyclability landscape is shifting rapidly and so are regulations. We keep our software up to date saving you time looking for information.

EPR Fee and Plastic Tax calculations

a few clicks away

Understand your financial commitment ahead of time and stay one step ahead.

Forecasting Fees and Taxes

We digitise country-specific EPR criteria and tax regulations so you can perform accurate calculations and understand your commitment.

Model your specific packaging

The software can be used as a powerful R&D resource to iterate your packaging design based on its financial and environmental impact.

Reporting and Analytics

We can generate reports to ease your administrative burden. Information is presented clearly so you can make informed decisions quickly and identify cost saving potential.

Screenshot from Recyda showing map feature
Screenshot from Recyda showing EPR rates
Screenshot from Recyda showing reports
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Data collection and management

in one place

Manage entire packaging portfolios and collaborate on projects with your colleagues and suppliers.

Import and unlock the power of your data

Manage your packaging portfolio from a single platform. Set permissions and collaborate on selected projects with colleagues, other departments or suppliers.

Master Data Processing

We have experience helping customers import the required data from host ERP systems into our software to make accurate assessments at scale.

Agile environment

Our data management architecture means you can quickly adjust packaging data parameters if things change and analyse results instantly.

How it works

Digital representation of your packaging

Whether you'd like to manually enter your data or import it from large data sources - Recyda allows detailed modeling of your packaging. Once imported we have a range of country-specific rulesets and guidelines to help you make assessments for recyclability, EPR Fees, taxes and more. Our system also shows you if you are missing data attributes and helps you reach the most accurate result possible.

Track changes and optimise your portfolio

Our results are a detailed combination of technical recyclability (design guidelines, legal requirements) and our curated database on country-specific recyclability requirements. We are completely transparent on how a result is obtained and which sources underline it. Understand which factors affect recyclability and cost, and how you can optimise it - no matter if you are looking at a single packaging item or a portfolio of thousands of SKUs.

Strategic Decision Making

Optimise decision making in your company using our data driven and objective assessments to help you get closer to your sustainability goals. We support you along the way with our software tools, smart database and a passionate team that shares your goal to move towards a more sustainable future.

Security and Data Protection

As a technology company building software solutions for the packaging sustainability, it is our core business interest to make sure your data cannot be accessed by any third party.

  • All servers are located in the Frankfurt am Main, Germany Region
  • Regular internal and external testing, including Penetration Testing
  • Implementation of latest industry standard security concepts

Our Awards

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"Easy to use and individualized tool"

Recyda provides an easy-to-use and individualized tool that allows us to closely analyse the recyclability potential of our packaging across different regions and helps us to identify areas of improvement in an extremely complex environment. This can support our entire industry to step up in our joint efforts to reduce our environmental footprint by not only increasing recyclability, but also create transparency towards our consumers.

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"Clarify the requirements for future recyclable packaging solutions"

The idea of the Recyda team to develop a web-based solution to map all EU wide recycling requirements is very nicely implemented and the tool can help us at DMK to clarify the requirements for future recyclable packaging solutions!

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"Important piece of the puzzle"

Recyda’s solution for recyclability assessment and making this valuable information easily available to our customers is a significant piece of the puzzle at adapa Group.

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