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assessment tool.

We help companies along the packaging value chain
assess recyclability with software and data.

Advanced recyclability management

Assessing recyclability is complex.
We provide advanced tools for

The consumer goods industry demands recyclable packaging due to factors like public pressure, legislation developments and ongoing implementation of EPR modulated fees.

Recyclability is difficult to assess though, as it depends not only on packaging design but also on existing local regulation and infrastructure regarding collection, sorting and recycling - which are changing constantly on a country level.

We help companies along the value chain get the right information in an easy way and manage their packaging data with our sophisticated Recyda software tool.

Centralized information

We consolidate research on country-specific recyclability and embed it in an easy to use web application.

Transparent and customizable

We transparently show how changes in specification affect recyclability based on our flexible and customizable ruleset system

Collaborative data management

Manage entire packaging portfolios and collaborate with your colleagues on your packaging data


A data-driven approach for the circular economy

Our team of packaging recyclability experts and software engineers listens to the needs of the industry. We quickly build enterprise-grade solutions to fix the complexities of international recyclability requirements - customizable to your use-cases and processes.

The digital

recyclability expert.

We’re here to help you understand recyclability of packaging with software and data.
Our software tools are customizable and used in different ways:

Design Tool

Use Recyda as an international tool to simultaneously evaluate many design for recycling guidelines along with our unique database on country-specific recycling infrastructure

Portfolio Management

We have imported and processed thousands of packaging SKUs in our enterprise-grade software systems. Let us show you how to make managing and reporting of recyclability for large packaging portfolios easy.

Insights tool

One tool with a clean visualization of all packaging data relevant for recyclability. Our customizable data management allows for many use-cases and different permission levels across your organisation.

Step 1

Enter or import the packaging specifications to digitally represent your packaging.

Whether you'd like to manually enter your data or import it from large data sources - Recyda allows detailed modelling of your packaging according to many guidelines and recommendations. Our system also shows you if you are missing data attributes and helps you to get the best results that can be obtained digitally.

Step 2

Get country-specific results for your packaging data

Our results are a detailed combination of technical recyclability (design guidelines, legal requirements) and our curated database on country-specific recyclability requirements. We are completely transparent on how a result is obtained and which sources underline it. Understand which factors affect recyclabilty and how you can optimise it - no matter if you are looking at a single packaging item or a portfolio of thousands of SKUs.

Step 3

Track changes and optimise your portfolio

Simplify decision making in your company and track how you get closer to your recyclability goals. We support you along the way with our software tools, a smart database and a passionate team.

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