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At Recyda we understand the importance of fostering a strong team culture. We firmly believe that a robust team culture is the backbone of success. With a variety of team events, we bring our team even closer, creating a sense of unity that directly influences our work dynamics.

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What's in it for you?

We do not just want to be your employer, but a strong and reliable partner at your side! Recyda should be a place where you feel empowered.

Remote, office or both?
At Recyda, we can adapt to your needs!

Our new office building offers a modern coworking space and the flexibility to arrange your office hours according to your needs. Home Office days are no problem for us. We can support you anywhere!

Team Events

We believe that bringing people together to celebrate and socialize is a great way to inspire each other and keep our community strong and close. Party hats optional.

Collaborative work environment

Our office in beautiful Freiburg offers a modern coworking space and the opportunity to collaborate with your team mates. To feel always comfortable, we provide you with free soft drinks and coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

After sending in my CV, next steps?

We aim to respond to everyone as soon as possible after applying. You will be emailed with an invitation for a first call with us if there is a fit.

What is a case study?

A case study is a sample task that you would encounter at Recyda. This ensures a practical fit with us, also, you get a chance to preview the role.

What is the interview process like?

We like to keep the interview process lean, therefore, the first stage will be an introduction call, followed by a second call with more members of the team to include a case study, and then a final decision would be made.

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Can't find the right position?

Don’t see a position which matches your skills? 🧐 We are open to considering new and exceptional talent on a case-by-case basis. Send us your CV, along with your primary skill set(s) and how it can help in furthering (yours) and Recyda’s success to!

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