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Key ınsıghts from the REPORT

Report Overview

Benefit from Eco-Modulation

Understand what steps you can implement to benefit from the financial incentives in various countries.

Status Quo in EU

Understand the today and the tomorrow of eco-modulation of EPR fees in Europe. What perspective does PPWR bring and how will Member States implement a more harmonised approach.

EPR Fee Overpay

Are you paying too much? Discover potential overpay risks and understand how you can mitigate cost with more transparency into eco-modulation of EPR.

2024 EPR Trends

Explore forward-looking insights and trends in the EPR fee domain. This section explores the trends and cost development of 2024.

About Recyda

Recyda is a software solution that streamlines packaging sustainability management. The Recyda software helps you assess recyclability of your packaging against international standards, calculating EPR fees and plastic taxes internationally, and managing packaging data. The software aids in navigating various country-specific regulations and guidelines, ensuring up-to-date compliance. Recyda supports informed decision-making towards sustainability goals. Save time and mitigate cost by assessing your packaging portfolio as well as your packaging developments digitally with Recyda.

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